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Excel Quadrasan
Category:Hygiene Dispensers - Stainless Steel

Automatic Urinal and Toilet Sanitizer.
Quadrasan toilet and urinal sanitizer provides the most effective automatic hygiene system that ensures clean, sanitised and odour free toilets and urinals 24hrs a day. With features that include real time programmability, service frequency settings, on and off days, alarm features and a battery indicator. The patented IPE (Intensity Plus Event) function, enables the dispenser to be programmed up to 3 additional periods per day for enhanced sanitizer uid delivery to suit location requirements. Up to two years of battery life using alkaline batteries. This product is manufactured from 0.9mm Grade 304 Brushed Stainless Steel.


  • 3000 shot metered reell
  • Real time program options
  • Intensity Plus Event feature
  • Longer lasting battery life


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