Heavy Duty Degreasers
Category:   Kitchen

Supreme Degreaser Heavy Duty is a ready-to-use alcohol based surface cleaner that cuts grease.

Category:   Kitchen

Bleach is whitening and bleaching agent to effectively clean and brighten laundry and washable surfaces including basins and toilets.
The active ingredient is Sodium Hypochlorite.

Oven Cleaner
Category:   Kitchen

Oven Cleaner is a ready-to-use alcohol based liquid cleaner for ovens, extractor hoods and cooking grills.

Hand Soap
Category:   Kitchen

Effective ph balanced luxury liquid hand soap in two scented varieties-Rose and Herbal.

Dishwash Liquid
Category:   Kitchen

Dishwashing Liquid Deluxe is a mild, dishwashing liquid for hand washing of dishes and may be used with soft or hard water.
The product has been formulated to effectively dissolve food residue, cut grease and dirt from dishes.

Drain Care
Category:   Kitchen

Drain Cleaner is a Caustic Soda based granular product formulated to unblock sinks and drains.

Dishwash Machine Powder and Rinse-Aid
Category:   Kitchen

Dazzyl Dishwash Machine Powder is a detergent containing enzymes that is formulated for all makes of dishwashers and is effective in soft, medium and hard water. For best results, use in conjunction with Dazzyl Rinse Aid.

Bath and Tile Cleaner
Category:   Kitchen

Bath and Tile cleaner is a multipurpose liquid cleaner that was formulated to break down grease in the kitchen and bathroom.

Cleaning Gels
Category:   Kitchen

Pine Gel is a pine-scented cleaning gel containing disinfecting properties.
Pine Gel is a powerful grease-cutter and is suitable for cleaning all washable surfaces as well as stain removal in laundry.

Ammoniated Cleaner
Category:   Kitchen

Ammoniated Cleaner is a mild, non-abrasive, ammonia-based scouring cream that can be used on any washable surface.