Our Missionabout-us-2

Our mission is to be an ethical, responsible and profitable commercial success, and to provide an impeccable cleaning service, on time, every time.

We also believe that the sharing of resources and the transfer of knowledge and intellectual property is the only mechanism to secure wealth for all.


Our Vision

Our vision is to be the company of first choice in the market, in which we currently and in future will operate, and to conduct our business ethically and demonstrate leadership in satisfying our obligations to society and to our communities.
Our new Integrated Health and Hygiene Management Programme

Green Leaf Hygiene approaches cleaning from a hygiene point of view. Regular management inspections ensure outstanding quality in the service we offer. This also enables us to make regular recommendations on correct and/or preventative action.


Our Image Building Programme

Green Leaf Hygiene realizes that services visible to the public eye project a definite image of YOU, our client, in the minds of clients, public guests and staff. Only the most advanced machinery, aborting excessive noise is used. The chemicals used by Green Leaf Hygiene are very effective, but still have pleasant aroma. This assures that your premises will always appear clean, neat and pleasing to the public.


Management Team

The management team at Green Leaf Hygiene is a highly professional and dedicated team. Dedicated to all their clients as well as their staff, the team is always personally in touch with both their clients and junior staff. They continually research the market, keeping up with changing trends and technology.


Staff selection and motivation

We evaluate our staff as much on their ability to work with others (co-worker and clients) as on their experience in the field.

Our staff is trained in a hands-on fashion by on-site supervisors and area managers. Here we encourage initiative and feedback from the staff to resolve hypothetical and current situations. In maintaining our good standards, productivity and competitiveness, we believe in democracy in the workplace and pervasive participate management is essential.

We adhere to minimum wages determine by the statutory wage legislation.

Supervisors and Area Managers are democratically elected within the company. Important information is share by all, thereby empowering all employees and creating and sustaining a sense of mutual trust and loyalty.

We believe in creating careers, not jobs, and thus promote internally, keeping our close knit “family” together as a strong stable unit.


Uniforms and Dress codes

Staff will be attired at all times in our distinctive overalls with our company name proudly embroidered in clean white and olive green. We guarantee that personal hygiene and grooming are contributed by our staff, and not demanded from them.

Staff arriving for work without their uniforms is severely dealt with.

“Our Service is strengthened ten-fold by the Attitude of our staff”

Business Ethics

Green Leaf Hygiene is a dynamic, fast growing company. The reason for our growth is due to sound business principles that will ensure continued growth, profitability and needs within the relevant market sectors.


Commitment to our customers

Our clients are the most valuable assets of our company and therefore the bulk of management time is spent to the benefit of our clients.


Quality Management System

The Green Leaf Hygiene Quality Management System was introduced to enable Green Leaf Hygiene to standardize its disciplines throughout its Service offerings, ensuring that Green Leaf Hygiene supplies its customers with consistent service and meet their expectations on time, every time.

Furthermore, the system conforms to International Standards which ensures that Green Leaf Hygiene meets the objectives of its vision to become a world leader in the supply of hygiene services.

Management commitment, employee ownership and continuous improvement of Green Leaf Hygiene’s quality management system are the contributing factors for Green Leaf Hygiene being successful in maintaining its rating.