Green Leaf Hygiene - Industrial Cleaning

Green Leaf Hygiene is a service-orientated organization providing industrial contract cleaning, hygiene rental equipment and related services to a wide spectrum of businesses and institutions across all industries, including government, medical, recreational and hospitality facilities throughout Gauteng.

Green Leaf Hygiene commenced operation in South Africa in 1998 as Master Cleaners with main activity in domestic cleaning of carpets and is today a leader in the field of hygiene care, constantly exploring new ideas and the latest innovations in hygiene. Today, Green Leaf Hygiene is one of the more prominent clean-care and hygiene companies in Gauteng.

Green Leaf Hygiene has grown from a relatively small hygiene service provider to an independent local brand with a local infrastructure servicing all main areas.

Careful needs analysis by trained hygiene consultants ensure that Green Leaf Hygiene is able to match its wide range of products to each client’s budget and unique needs.

Our approach is to provide a service that not only takes hygiene seriously, but one that also adds value to your image through impeccable cleanliness. To this end we’ve invested in the most state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and chemicals to enhance your working environment. Our service is as unobtrusive as we can possibly make it, and where required, we will render our services after normal working hours, or during hours that suits our customers.

Our service levels are highly personalized and thus made to satisfy your individual needs. Our input is informative and suggestive and therefore we pledge to be as flexible as the situation requires.

A site evaluation is done by appointment to determine your needs and this allows us to quote accordingly. Our area managers and supervisors are in constant communication with you to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. A 24-hour help-line is available to all our clients, so those problems can be sorted out immediately. Only the most cost effective and environmentally friendly cleaning products will be used in your premises.

We pledge to provide only the best, and if we fail to please you, we will gladly accept the criticism due!

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